Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finding My Way Out of the Clutter

I started this blog I don't know how long ago. I have made very little progress. I even hired a organizer to help me out. I must get control of my space. I find I function my better in an organized environment. Join me on my journey to simplify my life, organize my possessions, get control of my finances and spend more time on what matters. 

I am using this blog to hold myself accountable, to keep moving forward and to document my process.
I will be listing a series of challenges to move me forward along with the progress achieved. 

Challenge #1
Spend 10 minutes cleaning or organizing in each room for one week. Throw away or donate at least one item from each room. 


  1. Hi Julia,
    many thanks for your lovely comment.
    This post of yours caught my attention as I always struggle with my 'stuff'!! I should challenge me to do that too!
    As for the tut, you can find it here:
    I'd LOVE to see your finished roses!
    My best for a joyous and creative new year ahead (free of clutter, oooh yes!:)),

    1. Hi Monica,
      Just saw this comment. Thank you so much for directing me to the tutorial for the roses..will let you know when I do it! Hope you join my blog audience in the future as I hope to have interesting subjects for women!
      Thanks again!